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Artisan baking at its best: Bakery Andante

The smell of freshly baked bread is universally irresistible. But for those who care about more than just the aroma - those in the know in Edinburgh - get their bread from Bakery Andante.

Bakery Andante fresh croissants
Bakery Andante croissants take two days to make

Regulars at the Balerno Farmer’s Market, the Edinburgh Farmer’s Market, a shop in Morningside and home delivery service, Bakery Andante is celebrating 10 years of baking amazing artisan bread.

Their success – thanks to the incredible authentic flavours of their breads - is based on a passionate pursuit of the art of baking, and nothing is left to chance. Every detail regarding the ingredients, and authentic processes for each type of dough, and much more, is carefully crafted.

Owner and head baker Jon Wood explains their process:

“As far as possible we make everything from scratch on our premises, so we can control what is in it – we make our own pastry cream, marzipan etc. We also use very high quality ingredients, locally sourced where we can. Our eggs and milk are local, and our flour comes from Shipton Mill, which is recognised as some of the best flour in the UK.

“All our breads are made without additives, enhancers or improvers. All our patisserie avoids additives too - I don’t let them use food colouring even. We have one of the largest selections of sourdoughs in Edinburgh, if not the UK (on a Saturday we field 7 different types). We make proper sourdoughs using just flour, water and salt, and leavened with our now 20 year old sourdough mothers. We don’t add any baker’s yeast at all, as we think that stops it being a proper sourdough.

“We use long prove times to give our breads added flavour and texture, so they take us 2-3 days to make."

“We use long prove times to give our breads added flavour and texture, so they take us 2-3 days to make. For the sours we feed the sour on day one, mix on day 2, and shape and bake on day 3. Even most of our yeasted breads have extended prove times and use poolishes for added flavour and texture. Our baguettes use a poolish (a pre-ferment) and take three days too; our croissants take us 2 days. We have very little machinery, so we shape and mould by hand.”

The proof, as they say, is in the eating; and if the legions of loyal customers are anything to go by, you won’t be disappointed if you get your home delivery order in for a whole new, slow bread experience.

Delivery daily within the Edinburgh bypass; Saturdays in Balerno/Currie/Juniper Green.

Contact Bakery Andante at:

Bakery Andante, 352 Morningside Road, EH10 4QL

Tel: 0131 447 8473



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