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Balerno Village Pharmacy – passion for healthcare in the community

There’s no mistaking the passion Nicole Misstear has for her role as a community pharmacist and the positive difference the team at Balerno pharmacy aim to make on a daily basis.

Nicole Misstear standing behind the counter in Balerno Village Pharmacy
Nicole Misstear, Pharmacist & Manager at Balerno Village Pharmacy

Located on Balerno High Street, the pharmacy has served the busy West Edinburgh community since 2001. The previous owner Christine Lawrie sold the pharmacy to Lindsay & Gilmour upon her retirement in 2021. Nicole has only been in post since October last year but her career in community pharmacy spans more than two decades. It’s clear she brings not only a wealth of knowledge and experience, but also genuine enthusiasm for quality patient care.

Tell us a bit about Balerno pharmacy

NM: We have a great team here at Balerno pharmacy, a happy team that has grown in recent months. This means we’re able to provide more patient services, in addition to a really positive customer experience. By listening more closely to the needs of the local community we’ve been able to introduce new private services which are proving popular, as are changes to our product lines, which now include a new baby range.

The team at Balerno Village Pharmacy standing behind the counter
The team at Balerno Village Pharmacy: L-R - Audrey Tanner, Athira Maliyedath, Nicole Misstear and Eileen Whyte

What excites you about your role?

NM: Helping people! It’s a great privilege to play my part in protecting or improving the health of the local community. I love interacting with patients, and NHS services like Pharmacy First mean I can be really hands on when it comes to treating minor ailments such as sore throats, eye infections and common complaints such as a skin infection or UTI. We’re well equipped to advise and treat our patients from our private consultation room, without the need to book an appointment. So, I would say clinical services and helping people to feel better brings me the most joy in my job. It can be hectic in here, but very rewarding.

What are your current priorities for serving the Balerno community?

NM: Our focus is very much on providing Balerno village with a health hub people like to visit and trust will help them. I want our customers to feel comfortable to pop in and speak with the team if there’s anything they’re worried about or need advice on. We make time to care, and really listen to them. We also want to make sure that the community can access our services in a way that works for them, so we offer free delivery and we have an app, which makes managing prescriptions a breeze.

What next for Balerno pharmacy?

NM: A wider range of private services. With greater capacity within the team, I have more time to focus on clinical services and treating patients. Our B12 injection service is already popular. I ran a travel clinic in Morningside for over 10 years and I’m keen to bring that service to Balerno – it would be a great addition to the local healthcare offering. We’re also launching an ear health check and wax removal service soon.

Do you have any advice for the Balerno community?

NM: Come and see us! Pop in and ask your pharmacist if you have health concerns or questions. The whole team here at Balerno pharmacy have been specially trained to help you. So, ask us first and we’ll be happy to advise you, treat you if necessary or refer you on to another healthcare provider or specialist. Also, in addition to managing prescriptions, our app lets you browse specialist services and chat to our pharmacy team, so download it today!

Balerno Pharmacy

24 Main Street, Balerno, Edinburgh, EH14 7EH

Tel: 0131 449 5477


Published in Konect May 2024

Author: Lindsay & Gilmour


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