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Reach more customers via our engaged and loyal readership.

  • We’re a local business and are passionate about helping your local business grow and deliver stability for you and your employees.

  • Our readers are invested in our communities and are receptive to supporting local businesses, so you join a tight-knit supportive community.

  • With personal service to help you devise your magazine advertising campaign, and the flexibility to choose from a small advert all the way up to a full feature story about your business, you benefit from the readership trust of a well-regarded, established local publication.

Features overview

► Large reach

Reach over 50,000 households : your message is packaged inside our attractive magazines and delivered directly through the doors of your target audience.

► Flexible advertising

Choose which areas to target, how long for and how big a splash to make, depending on your business needs and budget

► Geographic target

Reach readers near you​; pick and mix which towns you cover

► Trusted and respected media

Our readers are receptive thanks to the excellent reputation we have built up within the local communities we distribute in.

► Long shelf life

Our readers tend to keep their copy until the next issue arrives, and refer to it when they need local goods and services. People are relaxed and receptive when browsing a paper magazine.

Customer experiences:

The impact of Konect's advertising has vastly improved the prospects of my business. I rely on Konect monthly and it is very effective at targeting existing and gaining new customers, which is exactly what any business needs.


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