Every month we publish a

Charity of the Month feature

If you are a local charity (operating or originating in the Konect distribution area) we'd love to feature your work, let people know about your services, put out a call for volunteers - whatever you need most.

The "Charity of the Month" feature is free of charge for local charities and other not-for-profit groups, large or small, to use the deep and wide readership reach that we have built up over the years to publicise themselves to the local community.

This is an important element of Konect, one of our main editorial pillars, and we love doing it. It never fails to inspire. The feature will usually be written by us on your behalf following an in-person or phone interview, and will reflect your organisation's image, tone and values whilst fitting in with the style of our Charity of the Month feature. If you are able to provide your own copy we're happy to work with this too.

We want to help charities who are doing essential work to make lives better in our local community. We are inspired by the care, energy, desire to improve lives and resourcefulness of people we see doing fantastic work and we want to play our part by supporting them with what we do best - writing it up and spreading the word!

Please provide your information in the form below so we can contact you, schedule you in at the best time for your organisation, or to fit in with a campaign you're running, a national awareness day, or just as soon as possible.

Thanks, we'll be in touch soon

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