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Merry Christmas

I’ve gone a little further afield for this one, to the Glenshee area where I visit quite regularly to photograph red squirrels, and eat cake.

Photo by Scottish Sisters Photography. Red squirrel at Glenshee

Thankfully, the squirrels were quite happy to take part in a festive photoshoot in return for some peanuts. At this time of year they’re busy caching their food, ready to see them through the winter when supplies are running low. It’s quite common for them to forget where they’ve buried their stash, which is why red squirrels are one of the best sources for tree planting! What’s their loss is nature’s gain. They also test their food for freshness and will discard a hazelnut which doesn’t sound like it’s worth eating. This is different to the invasive greys who are much less fussy and why they can out compete the native reds for food where their habitats cross over.

When it’s cold, squirrels will tuck themselves away in their drey high up in the canopies and will use their fluffy tails as insulation to keep themselves warm. They have huge variations in colours, from very dark (making them easy to mistake for the grey squirrel) to bright orange, or red with blonde little tails.

You can see red squirrels at Morton Lochs (Tayport) Eskrigg Reserve (Lockerbie) or Aberfoyle. These places are great to spend a few hours wandering around whilst keeping a look out for squirrels scampering around the woodlands.

We hope you all have a lovely Christmas & New Year. See you in 2022!


Published in Konect December 2021


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