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“Loved ones are near when robins appear"

Robin, by Scottish Sisters Photography
Image by Scottish Sisters Photography

Whilst we weren’t lucky enough to have a white Christmas, we were certainly treated to a few days of the white stuff, which created a rather beautiful winter wonderland.

I had promised an article about waxwings, but they haven’t turned up, (unless you live in Elgin), and we can’t travel to see them, so I’ve turned my attention to Britain’s most popular bird, the robin.

They’re the ones currently singing their hearts out in the morning whilst it’s still dark, and is one of the reasons they’re so special. The robin is one of the only birds who sing throughout winter, and we definitely love hearing them filling the streets with their melodic tune.

Robins are symbolic birds, and a common saying is “loved ones are near when robins appear”, and as we again face uncertain times, we like to think they represent the hope we all continue to hold.


Published in Konect February 2021

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Kendra D
Kendra D
Aug 27, 2021

Hello mate nice bllog

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