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Concerns about your family’s health? Think Pharmacy First

Ask Your Pharmacist

The Ask Your Pharmacist column is contributed by Lindsay & Gilmour Pharmacy

It’s hard to remember a time when protecting the health of our families has been more on our minds. With busy lives and more of us working from home, accessing quick and convenient health advice and treatments in your local community is vital.

The good news is that Lindsay & Gilmour pharmacies offer the NHS Scotland Pharmacy First service at all of their branches, allowing patients to access advice and appropriate treatment for minor illnesses without the need for a GP appointment.

How does Pharmacy First Work?

The service has been set up so that community pharmacies in Scotland can provide clinical advice, referrals and treatment on the spot for a range of common health complaints, from back pain to skin conditions or urinary tract infections. Once a member of the pharmacy team has noted your details and symptoms, they will be in a position to provide you with the help you need.

Quick and Discreet

Our pharmacies have been specially adapted to provide you with access to a consultation room so that you can speak to a Pharmacist in private about your symptoms.

We look forward to welcoming you to our branches soon.


Published in Konect November 2020

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