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Prime Sports Physiotherapy

You don’t need to be ‘broken’ or seeing a physio to come to one of our classes,” explains Lisa Benn of Prime Sports Physiotherapy in Balerno. “People come not only from a point of injury, but from a point of health to get even fitter and stronger.”

Lisa Benn
Lisa Benn, Prime Sports Physiotherapy

As a physiotherapist for Scottish Rugby, Lisa is used to scanning a rugby pitch in full play, spotting the player who will need help (“I can often see who’s going to need help just before it happens, by looking at the way players are moving and how they pick themselves up,” she says). Because physiotherapy is all about how our bodies move, and a trained eye can see when something’s not flowing just quite right – and how to fix it.

Just one of the benefits of attending the physio-led pilates classes here is the instructor can watch how you move and suggest wee adjustments that will help you specifically.

“People come not only from a point of injury, but from a point of health to get even fitter and stronger.”

Prime Sports Physiotherapy started offering pilates classes to their clients three years ago. They really took off and are now open to everyone in the community to get the benefit of physio-led classes. They also offer yoga, fitness and strength classes, personal training, and antenatal pilates.

Lisa worked for the NHS for 20 years before opening her own private practice in Balerno five years ago. She wanted to bring together various strands of physiotherapy that she had done over the course of her career to offer a complete physio service under one roof – performance sports, respiratory, musculoskeletal, and paediatrics. Prime stands for Paediatric, Rehabilitation & Injury Management Expertise. She has assembled a team of other specialists, and together they over 150 years of professional experience!

“We see people of all ages; sportspeople, dancers, young people, children and of course, people with sore backs and joints. We provide rehabilitation from injury and surgery, long covid support and pain management. We want you to be the best version of you, whether that’s because you’re playing for Scotland, or need to be able to walk to the end of your drive,” says Lisa.

The team’s mantra is “our patients’ health first.” “We are 100% focused on the health and well-being of our patients, not on selling a course of sessions or classes. We work closely with GPs and refer to other health services where that’s the most beneficial for the patient.”

As an Advanced Respiratory Practitioner Lisa went back to help the NHS during the worse of the pandemic last year. The pandemic bought its own challenges to Prime Sports Physiotherapy delivering their healthcare, but they are back to full strength albeit with limited class sizes for covid-safety reasons.

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Beth Valentine: Reception/Office

Genevieve Harborow: Pilates Instructor and Respiratory Physiotherapist

Nicky Baldwin: Women’s Health and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Wendy White: Respiratory physiotherapy

Carole Myles: Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor

Taiba Green: Yoga Teacher

Lisa Benn: Musculoskeletal, Paedriatric, Respiratory and Sports Physiotherapist; Pilates Instructor; Acupuncturist.


Published in Konect December 2021

Author: Helen-Jane Gisbourne


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