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The Season for Sensational Sherry

The Wine Recommendation column

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Sherry’? Is it the dusty bottle at the back of the kitchen cupboard, located somewhere behind the fish sauce and cider vinegar and occasionally glugged into an exotic culinary dish? Or the strange brown bottle brought out for Granny’s annual Christmas tipple?

This winter I suggest you explore what Sherry has to offer. It’s the most wonderful time of the year to buy Sherry. Retailers compete on price and new stock arrives in store.

It’s time to step beyond Granny’s Harveys Bristol Cream (which, incidentally, is delicious poured through a large segment of fresh orange into a goblet of ice!) and look for those obscure labels off the beaten track.

To start with go in search of Fino, Manzanilla, Amontillado, Oloroso or Pedro Ximenez.

Fino; seasalt dry on the palate, it should be served chilled and treated like a white wine.

Manzanilla means Camomile in Spanish and is so named because of its delicate flavour.

Amontillado is an amber colour, dry and nutty.

Oloroso has a rich, raisiny aroma on the nose but is dry and nutty on the palate.

Pedro Ximenez is my favourite, a deep dark brown colour, dense with dried fruit aromatics and dark chocolate. It’s incredibly sweet. Viscous in the glass and so unusual, you’ll remember the first time you try it. Enjoy in a glass or pour over your favourite vanilla ice cream, grab a spoon and fall in love.

Joanne Frette, Swirl Sip Socialise
Joanne Frette, Swirl Sip Socialise

Published in Konect December 2020

Author: Joanne Frette, Sommelier Wine & Spirit Specialist, Swirl Sip Socialise


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