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Singergie: The beauty of a choir

I set up Singergie, because I felt there was a real desire in people for a sense of community. Lockdown was so isolating, and I personally really struggled with the lack of interaction. I think people now really appreciate the sense of togetherness, of belonging, of identity, and actually just the opportunity to have some shared fun.”

Lynne Jack of East Calder is speaking about the community choir she set up last year, Singerie.

“We believe singing should be fun for everyone, so we don’t care if you think you can’t sing, we don’t even have auditions! We have some people in our choirs who tell us they were told to MIME at school, and who firmly believe they can’t sing. We don’t care if you think you can sing or not – that’s the beauty of a choir; there’s safety in numbers and I promise you, you’re not as bad as you think you are. The look on members’ faces when a song comes together, and you can hear the other harmonies is just incredible.”

Everyone in the community is welcome. There are no fees, so it won’t cost you a penny. The group cover all genres of music, so there’s something for everyone – contemporary, folk, pop, rock, ballads, anthems, Scottish and more.

“The choir is going amazingly well, we have around 60 members on a Monday night, and around 20 on a Friday morning. The friendliness and the supportive vibe is unlike I’ve ever experienced. It’s just the best time, and people usually leave buzzing."

Singergie in practice

They are all about the buzz, so come along and have some fun singing and meeting new friends – you’ll even get a cuppa while you’re here too! They are still new so there’s no need to feel daunted about joining a well established group.


Monday nights upstairs at The Village (The old Doo Club) on Oakbank Road, East Calder, from 7pm - 9pm, and Friday mornings at the East Calder Bowling Club from 10am – 12 noon. (You don’t have to attend both!).


Published in Konect December 2021

Author: Lynne Jack, Singergie


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