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“Grab a notepad and write down anything that pops into your head.”

Local People: Scott Fleming

“Writing was never my plan, but as I could see my 40th birthday on the horizon, I suddenly found the notion to write,” says Scott, a Bathgate resident who has just published his first children's book.

Scott Fleming with his first children's book
Scott Fleming with his first children's book

Getting a children’s book published through traditional methods is extremely difficult due in part to the influx of books from celebrities. Once a publisher secures the book rights of one well-known name, they often close the door to submissions from unknown aspiring authors. So Scott decided to self-publish in the hope that if the book sells well and attracts enough attention, it may open a few publishers’ doors.

“I was fortunate enough to be able to do this with the help of a work colleague, Patrycja Paczkowska, who is a very talented artist in her own right and took to her first book illustration job with ease. It was a huge learning curve for both of us, but enjoyable and exciting at the same time as the book came to life.”

William the Wizard’s Wonky Wand is the first of over a dozen children’s books he has written so far, and he is also putting the finishing touches to two novels and several young adults' books that he hopes his children will enjoy as they get older.

Scott lives in Bathgate and is a former pupil of Bathgate Academy. He visited several schools on World Book Day last month, and had been scheduled to visit more for readings with the children before they had to be cancelled for the covid-19 lockdown. He undertook his writing with no formal writing qualifications, but wants to encourage anyone who harbours similar dreams to grab a notepad and write down anything that pops into your head. It may well lead to a story.

“Even if you write for yourself, it can be very rewarding, even therapeutic,” he says. “A book or story doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, it only has to entertain.”



To enter the draw for a chance to win a signed copy of William the Wizard’s Wonky Wand, simply answer the following question: What is the illustrator’s name?



"You have to make it fun for the kids. Imagination is everything.
I have been reading my other stories to them and asking for silly scenarios and alternate endings.
I have been telling them that there is no rules when it comes to writing.
Not all kids respond well to home schooling so I've been using stories to improve their spelling, reading and handwriting."

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