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A pathway to responsibility, community and growth

For the past 15 years, Konect magazines is extremely proud to have given many local young people their first job: a monthly magazine delivery round.

Delivering magazines to houses may seem like a simple job, but it holds a special charm, especially when given to young people. It's a role that goes beyond the task at hand, offering numerous benefits to both the individuals involved and the community as a whole.

At Konect, we use our own, hand-picked distribution team of around 90 people to deliver our 46,000 monthly magazines. Many are teenagers (aged 13+) who live in the areas where they deliver. We carefully select our team, and make sure, for the younger distributors, their parents/guardians are on board to help out if needed.

Many distributors start with us at the age of 13/14 years and stay with us until they leave home for university or go into full-time employment. Magazine rounds regularly get handed down to younger siblings and stay within the family for many years.

We believe there are many benefits to giving young people opportunities to earn money and contribute to their community. Here are just a few:

Responsibility and work ethic

Providing young people with the opportunity to deliver magazines fosters a sense of responsibility and work ethic. It instills the values of punctuality, reliability, and commitment. These are fundamental qualities that will serve them well throughout their lives, regardless of their chosen career path. They learn that their work contributes to a larger process and that dependability is crucial in any job.

A sense of purpose

Delivering magazines encourages interpersonal skills and community engagement. Young individuals have the chance to interact with neighbours, forging connections and creating a stronger sense of belonging. They become familiar faces, fostering a sense of trust and camaraderie. This personal touch goes a long way in building strong communities, where people look out for one another.

Confidence building

Delivering magazines can also be a source of pride and self-esteem for young people. Seeing their efforts result in a tangible outcome – a neatly delivered magazine in each letterbox – boosts their self-confidence and sense of accomplishment. It shows them that they can make a difference, no matter how small the task may seem.

Financial literacy

Moreover, this job can also help young people develop crucial financial literacy skills. Earning their own money and managing their finances is a valuable learning experience. They learn about budgeting, saving, and setting financial goals. This early exposure to financial responsibility can have a positive impact on their future financial decisions.

From a community perspective, having young people deliver our magazines is a win-win situation. It provides a valuable service, while simultaneously offering a sense of purpose to the younger generation.

So, next time you see a young person delivering Konect or The Dell Directory, remember the importance of this job and the positive impact it has on their lives.


If you're a young person (age 13+) who is looking for a job, I encourage you to apply to be a Konect magazine distributor. It's a great way to get started in the workforce and learn some valuable skills (and money!).

We look forward to hearing from you!


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