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Local food – fresh, free, no packaging.

We’ve forgotten how to feed ourselves.

To a large extent, for this most basic of human needs, we’re totally dependent on supermarkets and their supply chains. Which is just one reason why the Winchburgh Community Growing Group (WCGG) is such a good idea!

Many towns and villages have planters of flowers; Winchburgh has gone one step further and all the planters in the village contain vegetables, salads, fruit, herbs and edible flowers which any residents are welcome to pick and harvest and take home to eat – fresh, local, good food free of charge! No packaging, no food miles.

With funding from various sources including the housing developers and other donors - and a massive effort from a team of volunteers - there is now a substantial amount of communal food growing around Winchburgh in a total of fifty planters so far.

there is now a substantial amount of communal food growing around Winchburgh

The plan is to add more planters, and, with the new Auldcathie Park being created next year, a polytunnel, orchard, and eventually an education centre and community kitchen too where the community can come together, learn from each other about growing, food, cooking and sharing all the produce.

No-one is expecting an apocalyptic disappearance of supermarkets, but there is something very satisfying about knowing you can plant a seed, grow some food and eat it without needing to depend on a shop in any way.

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Article published in Konect October 2019

Author: Helen-Jane Shearer


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