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How to get your home in sync with summer

In the dim and distant past, we humans lived immersed in the natural world. As a species, it was all we knew and life was completely driven by the seasons.

Fast forward to the modern-day and there’s still a part of our brain that craves those seasonal cues. Modern indoor living, with its lack of mandatory adherence to the rhythms of the year, can actually stress the prehistoric part of our brain. But you can soothe it with a spot of seasonal decor!

So can switching up your home accessories with the seasons really improve your sense of wellbeing? I absolutely believe that it can - goodness, I created a whole business to help people do just that! So how about giving it a go this summer? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Change up your colour

What colours say ‘summer’ to you? Pastels? Brights? Anything light?

Cushions and throws are the obvious spots to add a pop of colour but how about some summery bed linen? Bright bathroom towels?

These can often be forgotten spots but bedlinen and bath towels can really make a splash.

Display summer memories

How about changing up your photos and artwork to anchor you in the season?

Pick your favourite summer snaps and get them on display. Treasured travel pics? Best-loved beach days?

Create a memory montage as the ultimate mood booster.

Cookware & Crockery

Invest in a couple of pieces of crockery that give you a summer vibe. Maybe something Mediterranean or Moroccan in style, pieces that evoke that summer holiday feeling. Or maybe something from closer to home - I have several Scottish Islands pottery mugs and a few pieces of traditional blue and white stripe Cornishware that I only bring out in the summer months for that very reason.

Summer platters work well too and are a lovely touch when entertaining. Here’s hoping we can finally have a houseful very soon

Bring the outdoors in

Without a doubt, one of the easiest ways to inject life into your decor during those mid-year months is to decorate with plants. If you’re not blessed with green fingers then just go faux! There are so many fabulously realistic options just now, in both artificial greenery and floral stems, you’re sure to find something to suit.

Go on, pep up your place this summer. Your brain will thank you for it!


Published in Konect June 2021


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