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One wash, two washes, no washes?

Often we can find our hair becoming oily and greasy at the roots and this prompts us to wash our hair much more. In truth less is more when is comes to shampooing, the more your scalp is cleansed the more oil your scalp will produce.

The reason for oil being there in the first place is to protect it after all. Aim to wash every two days and use dry shampoo on your off days.

Make sure to use water that’s not too hot for washing your hair. I love a super hot shower in the morning but water that’s too hot can leave the hair looking dull and dehydrated.

Apply minimal pressure when massaging the root of the hair, your hair is most fragile when it is wet so be gentle but thorough.

Conditioner should always be targeted

I would always recommend two shampoos, one for purifying and deep cleansing. Then think of the second shampoo as a targeted shampoo, for example, if your hair is dehydrated then your second shampoo should be targeted at moisture.

Conditioner should always be targeted, think of the condition when picking this product. It should be applied to the mid-length and ends and worked through for at least 3 minutes. Rinse it thoroughly and complete this step with a cooler rinse to help seal the cuticle shut making the hair much shinier.


Sophie Laidlaw is a Director at Wonderland Livingston and a Session Stylist at GHD

Published in Konect October 2020


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