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Distributor Information Centre

Online Maps

Here you can access all Route Maps online. This allows you to zoom in on details to check where the boundaries of your route are. Use in conjunction with the street listings you've been provided with.


These maps are live, so any updates to the routes are made here. 

You will need to be added as a Konect distributor to view - when you click on the thumbnail you'll be prompted to request access. Please include your name in the access request.

-> Select the area below; the area corresponds to each edition of Konect (i.e. "Balerno" includes Currie, Juniper Green etc)

-> Select your route from the map key to zoom to your own route/s.  Please note the map key is not clickable on mobile - you need to manually zoom in your route. I hope Google changes this soon.

Download a copy of Distributor Guidelines

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